A silicon microgyroscope with the structure of area-changing capacitor detection is adopted in this paper, and the quality factor of Silicon Microgyroscope sealed with CAN mental package working under the air pressure of 10 Pa is above 3000, so its sense mode detection essentially attains better linear performance and high sensitivity. Single side driving and single side detection methods are applied to make both vibrating amplitude and frequency highly stable in drive mode circuit, and open loop difference detection method is utilized to achieve high precision detection in sense mode circuit. A miniature prototype scheme based on PCB technology has been realized with volume size of 40mm¡ 40mm¡ 30mm and power cost of less than 300 mW. The testing results demonstrate that the useful and quadrate signal will not interact because of their phase decoupling. Under the condition of the scale factor of 9.6 mV/°/s, the zero bias stability attains below 28 ° /h with linearity coefficient less than 500 ppm and simulated bandwidth more than 100 Hz, which has been improved two orders of magnitude better than that at atmospheric pressure. The engineering work is evolving at present.

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