Movement of particles in a non-uniform electric field has significant advantages. So, usage of this phenomenon has been increased in the areas of biomedical, drug delivery and point of care analysis applications for manipulating, separating, trapping, sorting of bioparticles such as cells, bacteria, viruses, proteins, DNA etc., This paper mainly deals with separating selective particles from different particles in a non-uniform electric field applied micro channels using CFD ACE+ simulations without intensive experimental trials. Simulations have been performed on parallel types of electrode arrays. Behavior of particles (vertical and translational movements) in suspending medium was identified at different frequencies, phases and voltages. Based on these results we have simulated separating the spherical microbeads of 10 micrometer from set of different sized microbeads by switching the frequencies and phases of electrodes. And also we have proposed this method for cardiac marker of myoglobin in which separating the myoglobin from blood serum and detecting it.

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