In this paper, a kind of control strategy with an effective zero bias compensation method for a symmetrical and highly doubly decoupled bulk micromachined single crystal z-axis gyroscope is presented with the details. Simulation of behavior level with Labview are carried on before the real signal processing. In order to realize the closed loop control and self-oscillation, an automatic gain control (AGC) model is constructed and simulated with the sense axis signal processing. A measurement system is design to test the performance of the gyroscope. The drive and the sense mode resonant frequencies are measured to be 3.044 kHz and 3.258 kHz respectively which agrees well with the simulation results. The scale factor is 0.21mv/deg/s in the range of ±500deg/ s with the non-linearity 0.7% at atmospheric pressure. The test results also reveal that the gyroscope can provide a rate resolution approximately 0.011deg/s in 10Hz bandwidth.

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