Micro thermoelectric power device (MTPD) is used to supplying lasting and stable electric energy for Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). MTPD mainly includes three parts: micro thermoelectric generator, heat source and sink. To get highest energy density, simulation model for MTPD was built up and optimized. Heat source is an important part of MTPD and micro combustor is the ideal heat source for the device, which is used to supply lasting energy for MTPD. Based upon, several types of MTPD with different micro combustors was designed and tested. Some MTPDs with different design was tested. For example, MTPD with diffuse combustor and that of with premixed combustor, MTPD with quartz combustor and metal combustor, MTPD with liquid fuel and gas fuel, and comparison were done correspondingly. Through a series of experiments, some conclusions were drawn.

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