In this paper, a MEMS mirror actuated by an electrostatic repulsive force has been proposed and analyzed. The mirror consists of four U-shape springs, a fixed bottom electrode and a movable top electrode, there are many comb fingers on the edges of both electrodes. When the voltage is applied to the top and bottom electrodes, an asymmetric electric field is generated to the top movable fingers and springs, thus a net electrostatic force is produced to move the top plate out of plane. This designed micro-mirror is different from conventional MDM based on electrostatic-attractive-force, which is restricted by one-third thickness of the sacrificial layer for the pull-in phenomenon. The characteristic of this MDM has been analyzed, the result shows that the resonant frequency of the first mode is 8 kHz, and the stroke reaches 10μm at 200V, a MDM with large strokes can be realized for the application of adaptive optics in optical aberrations correction.

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