A 1 cm × 1 cm biosensor chip for analyzing DNA hybridization is developed by CMOS process. The sensor chip has 6 measurement regions, each region with 3 pairs of parallel microcantilever of 125 × 60 × 0.75μm. The microcantilever is a 4-layer structure composed of an immobilized surface layer, a top insulation layer, an embedded piezoresistive layer, and a bottom insulation layer to measure the nano-deformation induced by the surface-assemble monolayer of alkanethiols on Au. By the Langmuir adsorption model, the estimated adsorption rate of the ssDNA is 0.005sec−1. The design has intrinsic sensitivity needed in biochemical applications such as detecting nucleotide polymorphism and single base mutation to sequence DNA. The capability of in-situ, multipoint measurement promise many frontiers to be explored.

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