This paper studies the fabrication of nano piezoelectric fiber composites using an integrated nano/micro process. Previously, piezoelectric composites or Active Fiber Composites (AFCs) use large diameter piezo fibers (120 to 400 μm), which have limited their applications. Nano piezoelectric fiber composites provide much superior structural integrity and also enable the design and fabrication of nano active structures. In this paper, micro fabrication method was combined with electrospinning process to form the nano active fiber composites (Nano AFCs). Two polymer materials PDMS and Epon828 epoxy were studied as candidates for the matrix materials because of their compatibility with micro fabrication. Clamped-clamped Nano AFC beams were micro fabricated over a trench on a silicon substrate. The beams were studied with SEM and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). More effort is needed to improve the uniformity of the nano fiber distribution and the process influence of the piezoelectric properties of the nano AFCs.

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