As the motivation in developing modern MRTS and the upgrading of old systems in many metropolitans all over the world, especially for public transportation in developing countries, the demand to simulate the dynamic traction power supply system (TPSS) more effectively and practically has increased. This paper describes the work of simulating and analysing TPSS. It is based on dependent train movement in conjunction with TPSS simulation to establish a panorama view of the features. The free time scheduled strategy for train movement is applied which is more flexible and effective to reflect operation strategies. To set up the dynamic TPSS structure with respect to the moving train status for the system solution, the schematic arrangement is split into four parts: establishment of the elementary electric network framework; establishment of the dynamic electrical network structure which includes both the elementary power network and the moving trains statuses; dynamic electric network simulation; and system analyses based on the panoramic features drawn from the simulation. The simulation results are based on the Shanghai Metro Line One (excluding the extension section). Simulation and analysis on more lines including Shanghai Line Two and Guangzhou Line One MTRS have also been implemented using similar approaches. The complete profiles of the TPSS provide a practical means in analysing the system configuration as well as organizing the system operation.

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