Ubiquitous CCTV cameras are a commonplace in cities with their presence on street intersections, bus stops, train stations and ferry terminals, etc. This paper presents an idea to use Artificial Intelligence in devising heat maps whereby traffic density is mapped from CCTV camera image grab of a location. When fed into the Traffic Management System (TMS), relevant alerts can be issued to the Traffic Controllers, consequently, deploying a bus or a metro train to meet that extra rush of passengers. Intelligent models can be developed that create novel routes during specific events in the city. New demand and response models can be created within TMS thru use of data science. Routes can be temporarily modified, with crowded stops added and uncrowded ones removed. Passengers are given adequate notice thru live alerts. Ethical issues related to data privacy are handled by specialized software. Such an intelligent system can help control crime. By active monitoring, the response time in attending accidents can be lessened. Necessary warnings are issued to bus operators concerning elderly and people with special needs, enabling better onboarding experience.

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