Heavy Haul Rail Transport in Canada has not advanced as in other countries. This gives these railways a chance to leap over intermediate technology in Train Control, Asset Management and levels of RAMS not offered in previous designs. Train Control is part of a System of Systems (SoS) that provides the basis of safety for operations, while allowing other non-vital systems to be implemented cheaper and faster than systems currently being modified to perform these tasks. This paper performs several tasks. First, it will update the reader on work being performed under the auspices of the Railway Association of Canada for Enhanced Train Control, and then it will describe how Train Control will interact with other systems to provide the overall functionality for safe train movement. Finally, the base requirements for a Train Control System meeting the requirements for Enhanced Train Control will be described.

The initial concepts and designs will be presented to show how the requirements will be met. In addition, the pilot project that is underway for proof of concept and operational readiness will be detailed. Test cases will be illustrated and portions of an Operational Concept, Requirements Analysis and Form Fit ad Function (F3) specifications will be documented. All of this will be the stepping stone for other systems to lead in advanced functionality and operation on Canadian Railways of the future.

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