The Train Energy and Dynamics Simulator (TEDS) is state-of-the-art simulation software, developed by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), to study train operation safety and performance as affected by a wide variety of rolling stock, track, train handling and operating configurations. As part of developing TEDS, existing and published data on braking, draft systems and train performance were used for initial validation of TEDS.

This paper describes two revenue service tests conducted to further validate TEDS. The first test was on a loaded unit train, while the second test was on a mixed train with empty and loaded cars and included distributed power in which the remote brake valve was cut in. Collected test data included throttle position, train speed, locomotive power, brake system pressures and coupler forces. Several events from these tests, representing typical train operating scenarios, were selected for comparison with TEDS predicted results. The TEDS predictions matched the measured test data for all of the scenarios simulated, further validating the performance of the software and offering additional assurance on the use of TEDS for simulating performance and safety critical train dynamic behavior.

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