Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers offer numerous advantages for the traction applications: capital cost savings, increased system throughput, reduced maintenance and additional energy and cost savings for reversible controlled rectifiers. Yet the controlled rectifier usage has been limited, partially because of testing difficulties. The multi-megawatt power level makes testing at the test laboratory at full power impractical. Further exasperating the issue is a presence of control systems that can’t be tested completely while running with a shorted output. The paper proposes a way out of this conundrum through the testing at reduced voltage and current (scaling). The scaling allows reducing power requirements 50 to 400 times, making it practical to test both regulating system and power circuit performance with simulated train load current. The scaled voltage/current test verifies a dynamic response under realistic train behavior, voltage regulation curve, AC and DC harmonics. The paper proposes the scaling tests to verify both forward and reverse operation of controlled rectifier.

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