This paper provides a unique perspective on successful brownfield railroad applications. It presents realistic challenges and solutions when applying a turnkey solution with a replacement or an overlay system. Brownfield commissioning takes place when an existing infrastructure is to upgrade to a new system with a different technology than the incumbent one. As signaling systems are getting more and more complex, it is extremely important to maintain robustness in the system design as well as project execution, such as logistics, documentation, and issue reporting. Many transportation authorities are moving from their current train control signaling system to a new system to combat obsolescence issues, to gain better system capacity, and to lower operation and maintenance costs. This paper discusses brownfield commissioning in general, and also presents specific cases in migration from a track circuit interlocking system to a Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) system. These two systems have distinct characteristics that provide opportunities of coexistence, but also introduce difficulties in mixed-mode operations.

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