Highway-rail crossing protection has perpetually been a problem for railroads and road owners. Of roughly 422,000 [1] highway-rail grade crossings in the Unites States, nearly half are passive crossings utilizing only signs and other non-active warning devices. ICrossing is a system designed to protect these passive crossings and warn motorists of approaching trains. ICrossing utilizes a system of beacons and detectors connected to a central computer. The detectors located down the track on either side of the crossing detect oncoming trains and alerts that central computer. The central computer then generates a warning message which is sent to the IBeacons that are placed on the approaches to the crossing. The beacons broadcast the generated message to the surrounding area and alert motorists to the oncoming train through a mobile application on their cell phones. This system is expected to be a cheap form of protection that can add another level of protection to many of the passive crossings located throughout the country.

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