The Paper describes the past, present and future of high speed trains following the passing of the High Speed Ground Transportation Act fifty years ago. In the distant past, electrically-powered Metroliners ran between Washington and New York and Turbo Trains powered by gas turbines ran between Boston and New York on the Northeast Corridor. In the recent past, AEM-7 and HHP-8 electric locomotives supplied by EMD and Alstom respectively for operation with Amfleet railcars also ran on the Northeast Corridor. At the present time, electrically-powered Acela trainsets and ACS-64 electric locomotives supplied by Siemens are in service on the Northeast Corridor. Trains of Horizon and Amfleet railcars hauled by General Electric P-42-DC diesel locomotives operate between Chicago and St. Louis and Chicago and Detroit on the Mid West Regional Rail System. The future consists of two on-going projects that are being implemented, three projects that are in the planning stage and six projects that are in the concept phase. Features to be considered in the design of a high speed train system include: Design Standards and Regulations, Motive Power, Train Configuration, Maximum Axle Load, Dual-Mode Propulsion, Emergency Power, Double Deck Configuration, Jumbo Train Arrangement, Radial Trucks and Hi-Lo Bi-Track System.

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