This paper presents the main findings of a Master’s Thesis project carried out in cooperation between Transrail and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The main objective was to create a plugin for checking the electric power system feasibility of a train traffic plan with an associated driving strategy created by TRAINS — a Transrail software product. Secondary aims with the project was to study power system feasibilities during converter station outages, and to which extent optimal operation of the locomotive converters’ reactive power assure power system feasibilities.

In the developed optimal reactive power strategies, the main priority was to fulfill the desired traffic plans, whereas the secondary priority was to minimize railway power system power consumption.

The case studies are applied on representative traffic scenarios and power system models representing the northern part of the Iron Ore line in Northern Sweden. The focus of the study is set on the IORE locomotives and the iron ore trains they haul. The optimized locomotive reactive power regards IORE, so also the investigated power system feasibilities of the traffic plans.

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