The purpose of this research was to measure motor vehicle speed profiles at a rural level crossing following the replacement of the existing Crossbuck signs and Advance Warning signs (AWSs) with flashing light-emitting diode (LED) versions. Measurements were recorded at four discrete locations on the approach to the level crossing, during three distinct phases: baseline, or prior to any changes at the crossing, after the installation of LED enhanced Crossbuck signs, and after the installation of LED AWSs. Test results after the installation of the LED enhanced Crossbuck signs showed: 1) a statistically significant decrease of 2.9 mph–3.3 mph in mean vehicle speed at night at the four measurement locations and 2) improvements of 1.5%–2.5% in the rate of mean vehicle speed decrease for both daytime and nighttime data sets. The unplanned addition of a double yellow centerline by the local public works department prevented the evaluation of the LED-enhanced AWS technology.

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