This study analyzes the transfer patterns of passengers in Seoul based on transit smart card data that was observed in 2010. The smart card recorded maximum four times of transfer and reported that approximately 90% of trips were less than one transfer and the remains were more than 2 transfers. We focus on trips with more than 3 transfers to figure out the relationship between transit service and regional connectivity. The results show that the average travel time, distance, fare are 45 minutes, 18.3km, and 1,119(KW) respectively. We develop a map for investigating transfer patterns at a regional level (dong and gu). By doing this, three types of transfers are observed as: 1) trips of which origin and destination is either same or near, 2) trips with middle distance (shorter then 6km), and 3) long distance (from 6km to 12km) trip with low transit connectivity.

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