Rubber damping pad under ballastless slab track can isolate structure vibration and noise so as to reduce stress and wear of railway track components. In order to make scientific evaluation on the influence of rubber damping pad on the dynamic response of the track structure, focusing on the engineering practice of Chengdu-GuanDujiangyan high-speed railway, comparative test of slab track with and without rubber damping pad is carried out by using acceleration sensors, acoustic sensors, and dynamic data acquisition system. Spectrum analysis of vibration acceleration and noise test results shows that rubber damping pad under track slab can greatly isolate the substructure vibration of the track, the bridge vibration and ground vibration; vibration level of the base slab under the pad is reduced by about 20.1dB; the rubber damping pad can reduce some of the structure noise caused by the bridge structure vibration, but it has no significant effect on noise reduction of the whole system due to the influences of EMU pantograph’s arc noise, severe air turbulence noise and field test environment.

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