“SHINKANSEN” is the network of high speed railway lines in Japan.

The ITOIGAWA region of western Japan is the area where the HOKURIKU SHINKANSEN is in closest proximity to the Japan Sea coast. In this area, degradation and repair of many structures occur due to salt damage. Japan has never constructed SHINKANSEN structures requiring 100-year-durability in such a corrosive area. Therefore, severe salt corrosion prevention measures are adopted in this area, compared with normal structures. In this paper, we will first show the deterioration of structures due to salt damage. We will then introduce salt corrosion prevention measures adopted for structures in the ITOIGAWA region. As premises for not getting rusted for reinforcing bar in the concrete until after 100 years, the special concrete mix and use of cement were determined. On the other hand, salt corrosion prevention measures for the structures were adopted using three methods. These were adopted for each section taking into consideration the issue of cost. At the end, quality control during construction is stated.

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