Since High-Speed Rail (HSR) began planned and constructed, many involving enterprises obtain interests from the process. But with increasing number of High-Speed railways being planned, constructed, and then operated, it will inevitably bring more improvement on the ability of these involving enterprises. So, no matter policy planers and the entrepreneurs or investors, understand the inner mechanism of the mutual influence between the development of High-Speed Rail and the improvement of involving enterprises is a key point to keep harmonious and efficient development of infrastructure construction simultaneously with the enterprises. In this paper, it is presented an example of an experimental study investigating the effects of high speed rail’s construction and operation on these involving enterprises in each link of this high speed rail industry chain.

As we know, social division of labor improves the efficiency of society, and with more detailed-oriented division, more enterprises and experts are engaged in one or several domains. Thus the construction and operation of high speed way are complex processes completed by numerous enterprises, each one or some of which only need to deal with one part. By sorting the industry chain of high speed rail, 50 listed enterprises are selected with their operated data from 2006 to 2010. The comprehensive evaluation system of enterprises ability is modeled by factor analysis method to obtain the key factors, which affect the development of enterprises. The results show the ability of these enterprises are influenced by their scale, profitability, debt, operation ability and progressive ability, and the enterprises in different link own their special abilities compared with those of other links.

And next, from the time dimension, the abilities of enterprises have been changed from 2006 to 2010, especially one or several abilities that summarized in the previous part. So via variance analysis, the change laws of ability are explored in the process of construction and operation of high speed rail, which, on one hand, is confirmed the promotion of high speed rails to these abilities of enterprises, on the other hand, shows the inner mechanism and rules in the process.

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