Railway distributed system integration needs to realize information exchange, resources sharing and coordination process across fields, departments and application systems. And railway data integration is essential to implement this integration. In order to resolve the problem of heterogeneity of data models among data sources of different railway operation systems, this paper presents a novel integration data model of spatial structure, a XML-oriented 3-dimension common data model. The proposed model accommodates both the flexibility of level relationship and syntax expression in data integration. In this model, a spatial data pattern is used to describe and express the characteristic relationship of data items among all types of data. Based on the data model with rooted directed graph and the organization of level as well as the flexibility of the expression, the model can represent the mapping between different data models, including relationship model and object-oriented model. A consistent concept and algebraic description of the data set is given to function as the metadata in data integration, so that the algebraic manipulation of data integration is standardized to support the data integration of distributed system.

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