It is a core and difficult problem in railway transportation dispatch mechanism to automatically compile train operation adjustment plan with computer, which aims at safe, fast and punctual running of trains. Based on building the model of train operation adjustment under the conditions of railway netted lines, we took minimum travel time of train as objective function of optimization. We introduced the theory and method of Ordinal Optimization to solve the function after fast preliminary evaluation calculation on the theory. This paper discussed in detail the implementation steps of solving algorithm by Ordinal Optimization, and used a practical calculation example of Datong-Qinhuangdao heavy haul railway to prove that Ordinal Optimization got good enough solution with high probability, especially for complex optimization problems with large amount of calculation Ordinal Optimization greatly increased computational efficiency. Based on this method at least one order of magnitude of calculation amount was saved than that with the general heuristic algorithm. This method well satisfied the requirement in engineering practice.

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