Compliance with track standards and control of maintenance costs are critical aspects of the management of railroads. To facilitate this, track geometry measurement systems have evolved to allow monitoring of key track geometry parameters from moving trains. This paper describes how DeltaRail’s Trackline Two™ track geometry measurement system has been developed to overcome key technical shortcomings in existing systems. The resulting step change provides a cost-effective, robust, compact measurement system suitable for use on the broadest possible range of rail vehicles and networks, from a tram to a TGV. Extensive testing has demonstrated full compliance with appropriate standards. Significant improvements in reliability and repeatability of data have enabled DeltaRail to produce a modular system capable of sending data direct to value-adding analysis tools such as TrackMaster™ and VAMPIRE® so that track maintenance management can be optimized around train fleet and operational conditions. The system is easily operated in unattended mode allowing collection of track geometry data from in-service trains, increased frequency of data collection, and pointing the way for the track maintainers to realize significant value from integrated analysis and management options.

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