The Deployable GRMS (DGRMS), which is capable of testing gage restraint at 50 mph, was originally developed for the FRA in 2004. Gage Restraint Measurement systems use a hydraulically loaded split axle to laterally push outward on each rail to expose gage restraint weaknesses. The DGRMS is the first system to utilize a deployable fifth axle instead of a running axle for this purpose. The FRA prototype system has been used in FRA research projects but not in a year-round daily production mode. Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) procured the first production system that was installed on a box car and placed the system into service in February 2009. The first six months of service was used for equipment shakedown which resulted in a robust daily production system. The resultant system is being used year-round by CP, even on snow-covered rails. This paper describes the CP experience, the results of the test program, and new improvements in the technology.

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