In Bangladesh, transport sectors are developing rapidly to meet the increasing demand for transporting passengers and freight inside and outside the country. But there is not such development in railway transport system. The Bangladesh Railway transport system is still using an old technology to monitor and control signalling, scheduling, operations etc. This paper describes various problems in the existing systems and also solutions have been provided considering the existing railway transport systems of Bangladesh. A new system has been developed to control and monitor the total railway transport system from remote locations. While designing the system, various sensors and actuators have been introduced and also Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been applied in the field of railway transport. So a Machatronics aspect of system has been designed to ensure a collision free, safe and efficient operation and management of railway transport system. This system is not only for monitoring and controlling of railway transport but also ensures efficient asset management. As a result face-to-face accidents, cross-road accidents and accidents due to railway line displacements or breakage can be avoided and there will be no loss of assets and valuable human lives.

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