In this work, a 1.7 kV, 300 A SiC MOSFET half-bridge power module is designed and fabricated contributing towards the target of achieving a 280–320 kW electric vehicle (EV) inverter assembly, targeting a 100 kW/L power density for commercial medium- and heavy-duty EVs. Co-designed with the busbar and gate driver, the custom power module emphasizes efficient heat dissipation, minimized parasitic inductance and a compact footprint. Key specifications to ensure optimal performance include an RDS,on below 20 mΩ, Rth,j–c under 0.2 K/W, and a switching time shorter than 20 ns. The module features a double-sided cooling sandwiched structure, an embedded thermistor for health and degradation monitoring and utilizes three Wolfspeed 3rd generation 1.7 kV, 18 mΩ dies per switch position. simulated power loop inductance is 14.5 nH, simulated parasitic resistance is 0.265 mΩ, and simulated junction-to-case thermal resistance is 0.12 °C/W per die. To keep the die temperature below 150°C, a cooling coefficient of 5500 W/m2 is necessary.

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