Common quibbles in most homes are the temperature setting. Some family members are comfortable with cooler temperature settings, while other family members prefer warmer temperature settings. Not to mention the fragile elderly and some medical situations require different temperature settings for those individuals than the rest of the occupants of the space.

The purpose of this article is to outline a research where we created a working prototype of a portable, effective Peltier cooling/heating system. Peltier, or thermoelectric modules, are devices that use the differences in electric voltages to create a difference in temperature between two flat opposite sides of the thin module. The system can easily be switched between the heating and cooling modes. In contrast to compression refrigeration systems it produces a very low level of noise output. Also, the system is portable, small in size, and light weight. Another advantage of using the Peltier system is it does not employ hazardous substances such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons, but uses water. While a system such as this could be beneficial in the day to day comfort of any individual, it could prove vital to the survival of the elderly and medically vulnerable individuals. This heating/cooling system can enhance the performance of military, particularly in biological warfare suites, and law enforcement personnel who find themselves in less than desirable weather conditions.

This uniquely designed Peltier system is compact, and lightweight. Cooling/heating through the system would be achieved by the exchange of heat between the user and a custom designed vest. The system is powered by lithium ion battery pack. Details of this unique design are discussed in the article. Also, the testing and results are reported, and discussed.

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