From the fifth-generation (5G) of system architecture evolution, there are more and more demands which require high data rate communication, low latency, and massive connectivity for network data transmission. For millimeter-wave (mm-wave), communications, the antenna size for mobile application is shunk from PCB level to package level, therefore Antenna in Package (AiP) is developed.

Recently, high bandwidth with high performance data rate transmission is the key for 5G and that also can provide the lower latency than current fourth generation. That is the reason can be explained that millimeter-wave (mm-wave) of bandwidth can offer excellent network coverage in the city and the antenna design for 5G wireless telcommcation is getting important. All frequency of signal have to use the networking devices to achieve high speed data transmission requirement. As we known, mm-wave is used for mobile phone of signal transmission, and the material with the package design become really important. The mm-wave performance can be impacted by material with structure design, and DK, DF and package level design will be the material portion to effect the signal performance.

In this paper, material selection, antenna array and package design will be the key for the Antenna in Package (AiP). For antenna design, we need the lower DF, DK, phase array and structure design to help our signal performance which means lowest insertion loss will be the best for signal transmission. We will do the comparsion for the paper discussion for the material, package and beamforming with antenna array design. Finally, this paper will provide the advanced package solution for future application.

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