AM (Additive manufacturing) technology has huge demand from industry for its high-speed fabricating, ability of fabricating complex shapes and low-cost fabrication which does not require expensive equipment such as molds. In particular, resolution of stereolithography technology is reaching to nanometer scale, and it is also expected to be utilized for nanodevice modeling.

One reason for stereolithography reaching to nanometer scale high resolution is due to the development of TPP (two-photon polymerization) technology.

As TPP requires advanced knowledge of optical, chemical and physical phenomena it is difficult to create a practical numerical method. On the other hand, there is a huge demand for prediction of curing range of resin from these parameters manufacturing of final products.

In this research, we discuss on numerical model which calculates curing region of photocurable resin by using short pulsed laser. The calculation will be conducted for line fabrication which will be more useful for practical use.

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