Experimental investigation was performed to measure the evaporation heat transfer coefficients of R410A inside three three-dimensional enhanced tubes (1EHT-1, 1EHT-2 and 4LB). The inner and outer enhanced surface of the 4LB tube is composed by arrays of grooves and square pits, while 1EHT-1 tube and 1EHT-2 tube consist of longitudinal ripples and dimples of different depths. All these tubes have an inner diameter of 8.32 mm and an outer diameter of 9.52 mm. Experiment operational conditions are conducted as follows: the saturation temperature is 279 K, the vapor quality ranges from 0.2 to 0.8, and the mass flux varies from 160 kg/(m2·s) to 380 kg/(m2·s). With the mass flux increasing, the heat transfer coefficient increases accordingly. The heat transfer coefficient of 1EHT-2 is the highest of all three tubes, and that of 1EHT-1 is the lowest. The heat transfer coefficient of 4LB ranks between the 1EHT-1 and 1EHT-2 tube. The reason is that the heat transfer areas of the 1EHT-2 and 4LB tube are larger than that of 1EHT-1 and interfacial turbulence is enhanced in 1EHT-2.

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