This work presents the experimental design and testing of a two-phase, embedded manifold-microchannel cooler for cooling of high flux electronics. The ultimate goal of this work is to achieve 0.025 cm2-K/W thermal resistance at 1 kW/cm2 heat flux and evaporator exit vapor qualities at or exceeding 90% at less than 10% absolute pressure drop. While the ultimate goal is to obtain a working two-phase embedded cooler, the system was first tested in single-phase mode to validate system performance via comparison of experimentally measured heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop to the values predicted by CFD simulations. Upon validation, the system was tested in two phase mode using R245fa at 30°C saturation temperature and achieved in excess of 1 kW/cm2 heat flux at 45% vapor quality. Future work will focus on increasing the exit vapor quality as well as use of SiC for the heat transfer surface upon completion of current experiments with Si.

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