In this paper an attempt has been made to demonstrate various package design considerations to accommodate series connection of high voltage Si-IGBT (6500V/25A die) and SiC-Diode (6500V/25A die). The effects of connecting the cathode of the series diode to the collector of the IGBT versus connecting the emitter of the IGBT to the anode of the series diode has been analyzed in regards to gate terminal operation and the parasitic line inductance of the structure. ANSYS Q3D/MAXWELL software have been used to analyze and extract parasitic inductance and capacitances in the package along with electromagnetic fields, electric potentials, and current density distributions throughout the package for variable parameters. SIMPLIS-SIMETRIX is used to simulate typical switch behavior for different parasitic parameters under hard switched conditions. Various simulation results have then been used to redesign and justify the optimized package structure for the final current switch design. The thermal behavior of such a package is also conducted in COMSOL in order to ensure that the thermal ratings of the power devices is not exceeded, and to understand where potentially harmful hotspots could arise and estimate the maximum attainable frequency of operation. The main motivation of this work is to enumerate detailed design considerations for packing a high voltage current switch package.

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