In this study, we proposed and demonstrated an effective approach to model and predict spectral power distribution (SPD) for a phosphor-converted light emitting diode (pc-LED). For emission and excitation, broadband diffuse transmittances of 1 mm YAG:Ce phosphor plates with different concentrations were measured by a spectrophotometer. For emission, it was found that transmittance for all wavelengths was almost identical. This result indicates that emission spectrum prediction could be simplified by simulating the radiant power of the peak wavelength only. At the peak wavelength (560 nm), our simulation results, in which optical constants were calculated by the Lorenz-Mie theory, agreed well with our measurements. For excitation, a novel transmittance measurement setup based on an LED goniophotometer was proposed to obtain the absorption coefficient. By adjusting the optical parameter in our ray-tracing model to fit measured transmittances, accurate absorption coefficients were determined. Based on our calculation and measured optical parameters, we simulated the radiant power of the blue light and yellow light of commercial white LED packages. By expanding the total blue and yellow power into linear combinations of wavelengths in both regions, we successfully predicted the SPD of our LED package. Our predicted SPD has good agreement with the measured results.

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