This study investigates the effect of silver paste composition on reliability of sintered silver interconnections. The interconnections are formed between SMD 1206 chip jumpers and electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) coating of FR4 printed circuit board (PCB) solder pads. They are made of pastes that vary in their composition (various proportions of micro and nano particles). The sintering process was conducted in convective oven. After the process the interconnections were subjected to X-Ray inspection in order to characterize the structure of interconnections (presence of voids, total surface of interconnection etc.). During accelerated reliability tests the PCBs were subjected to combined temperature cycling and vibration loading. During the tests daisy chains of interconnections were connected to dedicated programmable multichannel event detector developed in LIPEC lab. The event detector is able to detect and store information about object condition based on the real-time resistance measurements and applied novel algorithm of event detection. Failure modes were confirmed by using X-Ray computed tomography. The paper presents results of comparative Weibull analysis.

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