A computational study is conducted to explore thermal performances of natural convection hybrid fin heat sinks (HF HSs). The proposed HF HSs are a hollow hybrid fin heat sink (HHF HS) and a solid hybrid fin heat sink (SHF HS). Parametric effects such as a fin spacing, an internal channel diameter, a heat dissipation on the performance of HF HSs are investigated by CFD analysis. Study results show that the thermal resistance of the HS increases while the mass-multiplied thermal resistance of the HS decreases associated with the increase of the channel diameter. The results also shows the thermal resistance of the SHF HS is 13% smaller, and the mass-multiplied thermal resistance of the HHF HS is 32% smaller compared with the pin fin heat sink (PF HS). These interesting results are mainly due to integrated effects of the mass-reduction, the surface area enhancement, and the heat pumping via the internal channel. Such better performances of HF HSs show the feasibility of alternatives to the conventional PF HS especially for passive cooling of LED lighting modules.

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