With the extension of the 2011 ASHRAE Thermal Design Guidelines to incorporate a broader Class A3 and A4 specification, the server industry is trying to adapt to the changing landscape of industry best practices and initiatives, and adopt the new ASHRAE Class A3 and A4 environments. In order to accommodate the high ambient inlet conditions while meeting the IT efficiency initiatives in the industry, certain design considerations must occur and it becomes very important to understand the implication of adhering to Class A3 and A4 environments on the performance of the servers.

This paper describes a study that was conducted to understand the impact on performance of different servers under various workloads and inlet ambient conditions specifically adhering to class A3 specification only. The results from the study are presented in this paper which shows that no performance impact was observed in a 35°C environment, and bounded by 2% running worst case applications at 40°C and 0% when running lighter loads.

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