As a first step to develop an electronic wiring board in which micro or miniature heat pipes are internally fabricated, the experimental and analytical studies are performed on a wickless gravity-assisted heat pipe, namely thermosyphon, fabricated on a surface of an acrylic resin board. This proposal aims at performing a phase-change heat transfer inside an electronic wiring board having a low thermal conductivity. In experiments, the evaporator section of the heat pipe is heated by a heater while the condenser section is water-cooled by a heat sink. Water is used as a working fluid. Changing a heat input and a liquid volume ratio inside the heat pipe, the temperature distribution is measured by thermocouples and then compared to the case where the working fluid is not charged. Moreover, the simple model of the heat pipe is made based on a thermal resistance network, and the analysis is performed on a phase-change heat transfer and a conductive heat transfer inside the resin board having the heat pipe. The effective thermal conductivity of the heat pipe is evaluated. Although this study is an initial stage, the operational and the heat transfer characteristics of the resin board having the heat pipe are confirmed.

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