The aim of this study is to investigate the joint properties of Sn-58mass%Bi and Sn-57mass%Bi-0.5mass%Sb low-melting lead-free solder balls on the electroless Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au plated Cu electrodes fabricated with a lead-free plating solution. Compared with the conventional Ni plating solution containing lead, the soldered joints with Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au electrodes fabricated with the lead-free plating solution showed comparable joint properties. In the joints with Ni/Pd/Au electrodes, ball shear force increased when the Pd layer is dissolved into solder by multi reflows. In both joints with Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au electrodes, a part of the Ni layer was dissolved into solder and thus the (Ni,Cu)3Sn4 intermetallic compound layer formed at the joint interface. Ball shear force decreased upon aging due to the growth of the (Ni,Cu)3Sn4 layer at the joint interface.

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