A high-density and slim-type packaging technology in a notebook PC or a handheld PC has been developed as the importance of portability is increased more and more recently. The heat generated in small-sized electronic units should be dissipated effectively for operational stability during system lifetime. Considering the technical trend for miniaturized packaging of components, which requires very limited space, installed in the system; it is inevitable to develop and apply a micro-cooling device. In the present study, a very thin cooling device which operates on the basis of piezoelectricity has been introduced. First, the operation principal of Piezo fan is explained and then this new type of Piezo fan is introduced. Performance test results on thin laptop thermal solution module combined with this new Piezo fan is investigated. The original thermal solution module was composed of thin heat spreader (1 mm thick) and thin heat pipe (less than 2 mm) with finned heat sink at the condenser cooled by mini cooling fan (brushless mini fan). The mini fan is replaced by this new type of much thinner Piezo fan and then performance is studied and the results are compared with thin cooling module when cooled by mini cooling fan. In addition, this work consists of various developments that have been conducted to improve the performance of this Piezo fan that includes enhancement of cooling performance and reduction of acoustic noise.

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