In order to develop a new structure microwave probe, the fabrication of the atomic force microscope (AFM) probe on a GaAs wafer was studied. The fabricated probe had a tip of 8 μm high and curvature radius approximately 30 nm. The dimensions of the cantilever are 250 × 30 × 15 μm. A waveguide was introduced by evaporating Au film on the top and bottom surfaces of the GaAs AFM probe. The open structure of the waveguide at the tip of the probe was introduced by using focused ion beam (FIB) fabrication. To improve the resolution of AFM measurement, only the metal film was removed at the end of the probe tip. AFM topography of a grating sample was measured by the fabricated probe. As a result, it was found that the resolution of AFM measurement and the ratio of signal to noise were enhanced.

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