Recently, ceramics has been using widely as living body material. It is called “bioceramics”. Both strength and elasticity of a living body material need almost three times larger than that of elaborate bone. However, it is difficult to satisfy the condition. So bioceramics is inferior to an elaborate bone. The purpose of this research is to obtain a basic data for improving the mechanical characteristics of bioceramics by the Acoustic Emission (AE) method. It was discussed how average roughness depends on mechanical characteristic and AE parameter of bioceramics. The following results were obtained. The first, the bioceramics showed a positive correlation between sound velocity and Kurtosis, that is one of the important parameter for the surface roughness. The second, it was clarified that same relation was obtained between Kurtosis and such mechanical parameters as stress, Young’s modulus and hardness. The third, these results were in accordance with the theory of fracture mechanics for fine ceramics reported independently by Rice and Aoki.

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