Heat transfer in subcooled pool boiling on nano-textured surfaces is reported in this study. Silicon wafers coated with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT) forests 9 microns (Type-A), and 25 microns (Type-B) in height and 8–15 nm in diameter with a randomized pitch of 16–30 nm, form the test surfaces. The test fluid is a fluoroinert (PF-5060, Manufacturer: 3M Co.) with a boiling point of 56°C. The test rig is of the constant heat flux type. Heat transfer enhancement of approximately 1.3 to 32% is observed in the nucleate boiling regime for Type-A at subcooling levels of 20°C. Type-B CNT shows an enhancement of about 13–30% in the nucleate boiling regime for 20°C subcooling. Digital images acquired during the tests show increased nucleation occurring on surfaces coated with MWCNT. Potential factors that could explain the observed heat transfer enhancement are: the enhanced surface area (nano-fin effect), disruption of the “microlayer” region in nucleate boiling, an increase in the size of cold-spots and the high thermal conductivity of MWCNT.

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