With the rapid growth of IC industry in China, microelectronic packaging industry is playing more and more important role in this country. And the lack of talents on microelectronic packaging becomes the bottleneck to limit the development of microelectronic packaging industry in China. So with the great support from Intel, an industry-orientated graduate course on microelectronic packaging was developed in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and opened to all graduates or senior undergraduates in this university. This course is designed to serve as an introduction and a review on microelectronic packaging. Some topics about design considerations, materials, process flow and typical techniques of microelectronic packaging including advanced packaging technologies are addressed. Fundamentals and methodologies of reliability and failure analysis are also covered in this course. At last, a brief introduction on PCB assembly is concerns. A laboratory experiment and factory visiting on packaging process are included in this course to improve the students’ practice ability and deepen their comprehension on modern packaging manufacturing. Most of lectures in this course are taught by experienced engineers from industry to increase its characterization on industrialization. This course will be helpful to students intending to specialize in microelectronic packaging. At last further plans on this course and related curriculum about microelectronic packaging are introduced briefly.

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