An advanced packaging technology with through-hole interconnections, which enables miniaturization and high-density packaging of electronic devices including MEMS devices and optical devices, has been developed. In this work, through-hole interconnections were applied to an image sensor packaging. Through-holes, 80μm in diameter and 200μm in depth, were formed from backside of the device wafer by Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE). After an insulation layer was formed inside the holes, conductive material such as copper (Cu) or Gold-Tin (Au-Sn) alloy solder was filled into the holes by electroplating method or Molten Metal Suction Method (MMSM). This technology enables wafer-level packaging of the image sensor device. Some electrical characteristics and reliability performances including electric resistance, breakdown voltage, high-temperature storage test, heat cycle test, temperature-humidity test were examined. In this paper, fabrication processes, structural and electrical characteristics and reliability of the package will be reported.

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