Laser display technologies have been developed for an excellent expression of natural color, low power consumption and a long lifetime compared to other advanced displays, such as LCD, PDP and other projection type displays. The micro scanner is one of the key devices to make possible the raster scanning type laser projection displays. And the hermetic package of the micro scanner should be required for the protection from the environmental variations so as to keep the driving behavior uniform. Hermetic package can be ensured when the package is sealed hermetically without generating any outgases in the cavity. Thus, the hermetic sealing process was optimized through DOE (Design of Experiment) method using the Sn-In-Ag solder alloys instead of adhesives. And the characterizations of the packages were carried out in terms of hermeticity, shear strength, and interface microstructures. As a result, we’ve got about 2E−9 atm cc/sec He leak rate, which is low enough to pass the standard (MIL-STD-883E). Shear strength was as high as ∼80 MPa. The C-mode SAM images showed the continuous sealing area without any voids. In addition, the interfacial microstructures revealed good adhesion to the both parts, the glass lid and the ceramic package.

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