One of the fascinating prospects is the possibility of new hydrodynamics technology on micro-scale system since oscillations of micro-droplets are of practical and scientific importance. In this paper, nonlinear and forced oscillations of supported viscous droplet were focused. The droplet has a free contact line with solid plate and inviscid fluid. Natural frequencies of a pendant droplet have been investigated experimentally by imposing the acoustic wave while the frequency is being increased at fixed amplitude. The evaporation process of oscillating droplet with thermofoil has been also observed to investigate analyzing the resonance effect on the thermal characteristics of droplet. It is found that a pendant droplet shows the resonant behaviors at each mode similar to the theoretical analysis. During imposing the acoustic wave, the pendant droplet makes a rotating motion in its longitudinal axis which is a new shape oscillation mode. The evaporation rate of a pendant droplet at resonant frequency is significantly enhanced.

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