A series of experimental investigations with a stringent measurement method on the transient-/steady-state heat transfer behavior for confined smooth surfaces with slot jet impingement have been successfully conducted. From the results, a generalized correlation is proposed to represent the distributions of normalized transient convective heat flux. The highest heat transfer during the transient period occurs at the surface center of confined heated smooth or extended surface. The transient local Nusselt number decreases along the distance from the surface center toward the surface edge. The transient-/steady-state local and average Nusselt numbers are almost independent of Grs, and they are more significantly affected by ReD as compared with H/W. They will increase with increasing ReD. Maximum local and average Nusselt numbers can be found between H/W = 3 and H/W = 5. The effects of Grs and H/W on the dimensionless local Nusselt number distribution are insignificant; and the distribution can be expressed as a generalized bell-shaped profile, which is only dependent of ReD. Finally, a new composite correlation of steady-state average Nusselt number for mixed convection from confined smooth due to slot jet impingement and buoyancy are presented.

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