This paper presented a board-level free fall drop (BFFD) to simulate product free fall drop (PFFD). In BFFD, the board structure is very close to the actual cellular phone boards with similar size. The board edges were reinforced by metal frame and screws similar to the cellular phone housing. The drop test was performed to characterize the solder joints of 0.4mm pitch chip scale package (CSP) packages. To charaterize the stress level, the acceleration was measured and the free drop test was performed for more than 140 boards with different CSP structures. The plastic strain of solder joints in different location was calculated using finite element analysis (FEA). It was found that the strain level is both location and component dependent. This strain level will determine the probability of drop test failure in terms of number of drops to failure. The impact of component type, body size and component location was investigated by both experimentally and FEA. Through drop test, the number of drop before failure (MDBF) were recorded and compared across various CSPs. Failure analysis was also performed to confirm the failure modes.

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