Since electric products need more effective features in terms of being compact, small, thin and highly performant, a new concept to create the advanced JISSO is required. We have invented the film module manufacturing process, in which the semiconductor is embedded into the thermo-elastic film and wired directly to exposed bumps. In this device, the fundamental process which is the embedded semiconductor into the thermoplastic film PETG, has been developed. This process is essential for the embedded active components film. This technique can be applied to packaging, memory cards, smart cards, flexible multi layer film and so on. The embedding process has the following problems; 1) Stud bumps on the IC may not appear on the surface of the film, 2) Voids may appear in the film during a high temperature press, 3) ICs may crack under high pressure. Subsequently, we solved the thermoplastic film’s flow process during the heat compression process using the rigid-plastic FEM (Finite Element method) analysis. We solved the resin temperature and load during the heat pressing process. It was discovered that ICs (0.18mm) could embed into the PETG film (0.2mm) within 13s. Finally, we applied this embedding process with the contactless IC card, which achieved a distance of calls of 100mm.

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